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Jumat, 01 Mei 2020

Announcement and Short message

Siswa-siswiku silakan belajar materi Annoucement dan short message
Silakan buka buku Mandiri halaman 115 Chapther 12.

1.       Announcement
Announcement is a noun, in Bahasa Indonesia it mean Pengumuman
It derives from a verb ‘to announce’ yang artinya mengumumkan,
In other word, ‘ Announcement; is something spoken, writen, or printed to give information to public.
Spoken announcement commonly begin with “ATTENTION, PLEASE’
Writen announcement commonly begins with the tittle or to whom the announcement is targeted.

Contoh Spoken Anouncement.
Example of spoken announcement to the plane passenger done by a steward
Attention please!
    the plane is going to take off
please, fasten your seat belt
Contoh Written Announcement

English Speech Contest

For all students of SMP 6 Semarang, we announce English Speech Contest.

Time : Thursday, 30 April 2020
Place : Hall of SMP 6 Semarang

Each class should register at least one student with one of these following          topics :
·       The Advantage of Learning English
·       The Difficulties of Learning English
·       The Effective Ways of Learning English

For further information, visit the committee in

Announcement: pengumuman
Announce        : mengumumkan
Speech            : pidato
Contest            : lomba
Advantage       : manfaat
Register           : mendaftarkan
Place               : tempat
Time               : waktu
Difficulties      : kesulitan
Learning          : mempelajari
Effective         : efektif/ tepat sasaran
Ways               : cara
Further            : selanjutnya
Visit                : mengunjungi
Committee      : panitia

Perbedaan pengumuman tulis dan lisan adalah:
Dalam pengumuman tertulis biasanya dimulai dengan judul atau untuk siapa pengumuman itu ditujukan.
Sedangkan, dalam pengumuman lisan biasanya dimulai dengan kata- kata meminta perhatian misalnya “Attention, please”, etc. Informasi yang diberikan harus singkat dan sederhana namun harus sangat jelas sehingga pendengar akan dengan mudah mengerti akan informasi yang disampaikan.

  2.  Short Message
Whait is a short message
What is the purpouse / aim / goal of a short message?
In learning short messages, things that you must pay attention to are:
1.     Who sent the message
2.     For whom the message is
3.     The information in the message
4.     The purpose of the message
5.     The relationship between the sender and the receiver

Contoh Short Message


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