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Minggu, 25 Januari 2009


Seminar that take theme “maximise dig financial potential blog with speedy” really attributed to teachers at environment mendikpora, student university, ( at telkom divre iv jateng) that conducted by telkom on 22 januari 2009. this matter is bot only is form cares telkom divre iv jateng, in education world, but also effort to give insight to education world. that everyone at education world can get to chance financial with share erudition passes internet.

In seminar, Mr. Ridwan sanjaya submit matter and distribute book freely that published by pt. Elex media komputindo and sponsor by speedy. book narated about Mr. Ridwan and the student university that name william sutanto, concerned with economy condition from educator energy at fatherland and by individual experience so that there is no again student university drop-out because cost problem. good with book existence, can be one of [the] reference in internet utilization for education that produce income.

Hope from this seminar so that teachers can make use blog to upon which teach the student, and can dig and maximise blog.

education world alive! , thak you telkom.

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