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Kamis, 05 Februari 2009


in prayer in the name of alloh, in every my breath blowing, yes alloh yes god, actually everything existing and we are all do your favour, and i realize what be suffering and or that happiness comes and go, we always know and when does that suffering come to say lakhaula wala kuata ila bilahil aliyil adzim (not power and strenght except to you). really this alive there that regulate it, so that don't appear sadness and or suffering whom you are natural, because only in alloh we lean. . . . .
has destiny and different life but actually bothing;there is no the difference before -, really believe on the lega, don't offended easy, and don't be easy incited, observant always in life. . . . . how does the beautiful this alive when many friends, far from opponent. . . . and when does happy that come to say alhamdulilah, and don't forget all that the favour, alas friend - grateful friend always.

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